Baby Buds® first pioneered the baby bouquet in Australia and New Zealand over 17 years ago. These bouquets are handcrafted here in New Zealand by Kiwi women. There is a high level of skill, passion and creativity from our unrivalled design team and a rigorous quality control and quality assurance protocol. We are confident that our baby bouquets are second to none when it comes to quality, style and value for money.

Within Australia and New Zealand, Baby Buds® has the largest range of baby bouquets available in the market. Our baby bouquets are made from quality 100% cotton basic baby clothing items such as jumpsuits, bodysuits, singlets, beanies, pants, bibs and baby socks available in a range of tasteful colours suitable for both baby girls and baby boys. All of the items of newborn baby clothing in our bouquets are part of the Baby Buds® brand of clothes, designed in Australia and co-ordinated to mix and match so baby is always comfortable and looking his/her best.

Our bestselling baby bouquet gifts are our Baby Bucket, Heaven Sent Bouquet and Blossoming Buckets. To keep the range fresh and compelling, we regularly review and add seasonal / event gifts to our range such as Pretty Posie.

Our unique baby gift ideas also extend to twins, triplets and even quads! We have a beautiful range of twin baby gifts that will delight the new parents that this very special time.

Baby Buds® continually supports women and their choices regarding whether to return to work. Baby Buds® employs all sorts of women, from women who have been full time stay at home mums for 10 years and are just returning to the workforce to those who wish to return to full time work. Baby Buds® provides work from home options, school hour positions, part-time and full-time options and combinations of these options. These great women are the secret behind our beautiful baby clothing bouquets, each of our baby bouquets is hand made by a mum working from home. Purchasing one of our bouquets is not only sending a beautiful 2-in-1 gift to the new mum and baby but it also supports Kiwi mums who choose to work from home.